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Revised July 2017

(Pursuant to Part 27 of the Cooperative Corporation’s Articles)

  1. DEFINITIONS & PRINCIPLESFor the purposes hereof, unless there is something in the subject or context inconsistent therewith, the definitions are those specified in the Company Articles, the Members’ Agreement and License, and as follows:
    1. (a)  “Common Facilities” means improvements upon the Common Property, real or personal, designated to be property to be used common by all of the Occupants and Members;
    2. (b)  “Occupant” means anyone present on an R.V. Site or in or upon the Common Property, whether a Member, Person Permitted by a Member, or a Renter;
    3. (c)  “Resort” means all of the Company’s Lands comprising the development commonly known as Christina Lakeside Resort, Judah Property and the “Pan Handle Lands”
    4. (d)  The person or persons (hereinafter referred to as the “Manager”) appointed by the Company to manage the Resort shall have authority to take all reasonable measures to enforce these Rules and Regulations and all Members of the Company, Persons permitted by the Member and Renters shall comply with all reasonable requests from the Manager or its fully authorized agents or employees in that regard;
    5. (e)  Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests comply with all Rules and Regulations.
    1. (a)  R.V. Sites must be kept in a neat and clean manner.
    2. (b)  Digging and/or any type of excavation in excess of 5 inches in depthat RV sites is strictly prohibited. See the Manager to get express written permission.
    3. (c)  Each Member, Persons permitted by a Member or Renter shall preserve all vegetation on the Company’s Lands, unless permission is obtained from the Manager to clear the vegetation in any particular area, in which case, such clearing shall be done in accordance with the direction of the Manager. Members shall keep lawn areas on their R.V. Sites in a neat, cut condition, weed, and water as reasonably required so as to keep them healthy.
    4. (d)  Trees that were original to CLR and those planted by the Developer will be maintained at CLR expense. Trees planted by Members on

Revised July 2017

their sites to replace original trees, or additional trees are the Members responsibility to maintain. No trees shall pose a hazard to any persons or property. The determination of “hazardous” is at the discretion of the Manager. Should the Manager determine there is a hazard to persons or property the Member will be contacted and have the option of taking care of the situation within a reasonable time depending on the situation. Should the hazard not be rectified within this time period, the Manager will arrange to rectify the problem and the Member will be billed for the cost.

The member is responsible for:

  • the sewer line which services their site, defined as follows: the line(s) from the RV up to and including the line to the edge of the paved road. Any lines running under the street are the responsibility of the Company.
  • the electrical pedestal and all appurtenances therein, the electrical cable from the pedestal to the electrical room and the breaker servicing the aforementioned electrical cable. No alteration of the Electrical Distribution System is allowed until a written request is sent to the Manager. Where there is any question as to the safety of the alteration the Manager in conjunction with the Board of Directors will hire a qualified Electrician to evaluate the request. The cost of the evaluation will be billed to the Member. If the alteration is approved, the Member is responsible for any and all costs of the alteration.
  • the water hydrant and service line including the 3⁄4 inch pipe from the hydrant up to the edge of the paved road. The main water line under the street is the responsibility of the Company.
  • all propane tanks used on CLR property. Propane tanks MUST conform to the British Columbia Provincial Regulations. There is a copy of the Regulations at the office. Members are responsible for compliance with the Regulations. Any damage resulting from improper use, installation, storage, or any other use of any propane system is the responsibility of the Member.

Children less than 19 years of age must not be left alone overnight on an R.V. Site.


Revised July 2017

(a) Only one motor vehicle is allowed to park at any R.V. Site, subject to there being sufficient space. Sufficient space is defined as the vehicle being off the paved portion of the road and not blocking the efficient flow of traffic on the paved roads in the Resort. This includes a high priority for any Emergency Vehicles to access any area of the Resort without disruption. At the manager’s discretion any offending vehicle may be towed and fines levied against the member. Additional motor vehicles are to be parked in the area designed for common-area parking.



  1. (b)  Boat and utility trailers must be parked in the common-area parking lot east of the tennis courts. All boats when not in the water must be kept in this parking lot. A Member may have other small non motorized personal watercraft, canoes and kayaks etc. stored at the rear their R.V. Site in such a manner as not to create a look of untidiness. This will be at the discretion of the Manager. Boats or motorized watercraft cannot be kept on the beach waterfront area of the Resort and may not be put in the water or launched from any area except the launching area of the Resort. No boats or motorized watercraft will be permitted in the swimming areas of the Resort;
  2. (c)  Only one Recreational Vehicle per R.V. Site shall be permitted and it must meet the following criteria:
    1. Meets or exceeds the standards CSA Z241 or CSA Z240;
    2. Type CSA Z241 & CSA Z240 and all other R.V. units shall – fit entirely within the boundaries of the R.V. Site;- must be built by a recognized licensed recreational vehicle manufacturer.
    3. No unit, park model or other unit, shall exceed 14 feet from base to peak at any point.
    4. Base pads, concrete or otherwise shall not exceed 3” above contiguous ground level except to account for leveling of the pad.
    5. All units will be constructed of one continuous piece. Units consisting of more than one component are not allowed.
    6. No unit will exceed 14 feet in width including push outs and/or bay windows and/or bump outs.

    Upon written request, the Board of Directors will consider requests for variance on a case by case basis.

  3. (d)  There are a number of parking areas in the Resort, each designed for a particular purpose. The upper lot in the Panhandle Property is for overflow vehicle parking only; no boats or trailers are allowed. The exception to this is in the peak season when the boat parking area is full and only at the direction of the Manager some boats may be parked in the overflow area. Only boats, boat trailers, utility trailers, or other articles approved by the Manager are allowed in the area east of the tennis courts where boats and boat trailers are stored. The paved lot on both sides of the access road to the Resort is only for overflow vehicle parking.
  1. (a)  For your pet’s protection as well as others, it is recommended that all pets are current with all applicable vaccinations.
  2. (b)  All pets must remain within the confines of the Member’s site. If a pet is off the site it must be in the control of a person who can handle the pet and on a leash at all times. The exception to this rule is that pets can be off leash in the Panhandle Area, and in the water at the boat launch

Revised July 2017

south of the south dock area. The swim area pertains only to the water. If on the south dock the pet must be on a leash.

(c) Pets are not permitted on the beach area at any time. The only exception to this rule is a small dog that is carried across the beach, allowed to swim and then picked up before it reaches the beach and then removed from the area.

  1. (d)  Persons with boats on the South and North docks may take their pets on a leash directly to their boats.
  2. (e)  Pets are not permitted to be in any Resort building or on the deck of the Recreation building at any time.
  3. (f)  All persons in control of any pet are responsible for cleaning up any droppings from a pet. Failing to do so may result in a fine for each occurrence.
  4. (g)  No aggressive dogs are permitted in the Resort.
  5. (h)  Continual barking or disruption from pets will not be tolerated.
  6. (i)  Every effort must be taken to prevent a pet from relieving themselves in any common area.

Members, Renters or Guests who fail to comply with the above rules may be asked to remove their pets from the Resort property entirely.

  1. TRAFFIC, MOTORBIKES AND MINI-BIKES (MOTORIZED & NON MOTORIZED Those operating motorized, non-motorized vehicles and/or bikes must:(a) abide by the speed limit of 5 km/hr at all times as it applies throughout the Park.

    (b) at all times yield the right-of-way to pedestrians.

    (c) not ride in a reckless or unsafe manner anywhere on CLR property. The assessment of what is “unsafe or reckless” is at the discretion of the Manager. The Manager can refuse permission to any person to operate a motorized and/or non-motorized vehicle within the park.

    (d) abide by all the rules as set out under the British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act.

    It is highly recommended that helmets be worn.


(a) The cost of any damage, replacement or repair (ordinary wear and tear excepted) occasioned by the careless or negligent use of the Lands, Common Property and Common Facilities by any person shall be paid for by the person responsible for such damage, replacement or repairs.

Revised July 2017


  1. (b)  Members shall also be responsible for any actions or damages caused by persons permitted by the Member. This includes both invited and uninvited guests and their children.
  2. (c)  RV Site Landscape Maintenance:
    • All RV sites must be maintained commencing the end of theMay long weekend and through to September 30th of each year.
    • All grass clippings, leaves and any other compostable material is to be placed in the compost area located on the sewage plant property.
    • All wood debris and branches are to be placed on the burn pile, also located on the sewage plant property.
    • Any other recyclable material must be placed in the area designated by the Managers.
    • As of the closing date of the park all sites should be cleared (as much as possible) of all leaves, dried plant and other debris and they must be placed in the appropriate area as designated.
    • Anyone wishing to have any site care and maintenance (spring, fall and/or have their lawns or trees maintained throughout the season) may make arrangements with an independent Contractor subject to any Clause in the Rules and Regulations or the Consolidated Disclosure Statement.
    • Failure to comply with the site care and maintenance rules (for example if your site is not cleaned by the end of the May long weekend or if during the open season your grass is 4 or more inches high or if your trees need maintenance) the Managers of CLR will notify you via email that your site needs to be maintained. If at the end of the 3rd day the Manager has not been contacted and suitable arrangements made, the Managers will on the 4th day or any day thereafter, undertake the maintenance works and bill the Member who owns the site.
  3. (d)  Members must provide proof of insurance for their trailer, boats, boat trailers or any other thing that may be determined by the Board of Directors as a possible liability issue. Proof of Liability Insurance for the current year must be submitted to the office by February 01 of each year.Members renting their trailer or site must provide additional proof of insurance that covers a rental situation.

Trash bins are located at the front entrance to the Park. All garbage must be bagged and placed in the receptacles. Only household garbage is accepted – no broken furniture, old rugs, mattresses, etc. Please Note: Kleenex and Sanitary Napkins have a tendency to clog or stop up the sewer system, and cause extreme damage to sewage pumps. For this reason, they should not be disposed of through the sewer, but should be placed in the trash.

Revised July 2017


A recycling sorting station is located between the Managers house and the tennis court. All recycling must be sorted. Please proceed as directed by the signage posted there.


  1. (a)  All sites except for daily rentals must have sewer hookups constructed of solid PVC or ABS sewer pipe and meet or exceed any and all applicable environmental or health codes and regulations.
  2. (b)  No toxic waste shall be introduced into the sewage treatment system. In order to ensure maximum efficient operation of the sewage treatment plant and to comply with the terms and conditions of the Sewage Treatment Permit only environmentally friendly and septic- field approved additives and/or chemicals are allowed to be added to, poured down, flushed through, or disposed of, through any plumbing fixtures, including those in recreational vehicles hooked up to sewer connections and those in public washroom buildings, etc.
  3. (c)  The connection between the sewer line on any trailer and the sewer line servicing the site must be sealed so as to prevent odor from escaping.


All noise restrictions will be strictly enforced between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. No loud and boisterous parties or noises will be permitted at any time which violates this regulation. The Resort must and will insist upon Occupants’ strict compliance with this rule.


  1. (a)  Entrance to the Park shall be subject to the control of the Company which shall be entitled to establish an entrance fee.
  2. (b)  All rentals are subject to a $20 per night fee (the “Fee”).
  3. (c)  The fee is payable by the Member to CLR for each night that the Member rents his or her site to a non-Member.
  4. (d)  The fee is due and payable regardless of whether the member participates in CLR rental pool.
  5. (e)  All Renters and overnight guests must be registered at the Resort Office by the Member (owner of the site) upon arrival and before entering the Park. Should the Manager not be present at the office upon the arrival of the guest or renter, they must return later to register.
  6. (f)  Members having guests are entirely responsible for their conduct and are to ensure they observe all the Rules and Regulations of the Resort.

Revised July 2017

(g) Members shall not permit guests to occupy their R.V. sites during their absence without prior notice to the Manager.


Provincial regulations prohibit the unsafe storage of petroleum products and other toxic substances on any R.V. Site or anywhere else on the Lands.


Our operating season is from approximately mid-March to October 30th; before and after, our sewage treatment facility is shut down. Access to the Resort during the closed season will be permitted to Members, or a designate only for inspection purposes.


Members shall comply with all terms, conditions and special provisos under the Company’s Aquatic Lands License.

17. USES
An Occupant shall not:

  1. (a)  use an R.V. Site for any purpose other than the parking of Recreational Vehicles and ancillary activities thereto as permitted by the Company;
  2. (b)  use an R.V. Site outside the opening and closing dates, or for commercial purposes;
  3. (c)  use or enjoy the Common Property in such a manner as to unreasonably interfere with its use and enjoyment by other Occupants of the Resort;
  4. (d)  use an R.V. Site in a manner or for a purpose that would cause a nuisance or hazard to any other Occupant of the Resort;
  5. (e)  carry on or permit to be carried on in or from any R.V. Site or use any R.V. Site for purposes which are illegal, unlawful, immoral or in contravention of any Rule, Regulation, Resolution, Bylaw, Ordinance or Statute promulgated by the Company or any Governmental Authority;
  6. (f)  place or erect on any Unit any permanent structure except a deck, awning or storage shed, the design, material and color of which complies with approved Company policy.
  7. (g)  place on any R.V. Site or on the Common Property any Poplar,Weeping Willow, or London Plane tree. Any planting of trees or shrubs must be approved by the Manager.
  8. (h)  remove from any R.V. Site or the Common Property any chattel, fixture, erection or other installation therein, made by the Company or on behalf of the Company, without the approval of the Company, and shall not make any alteration to the R.V. Site and any of the Common Property component therein without the approval of the Company

Revised July 2017

first being obtained. No Member shall alter, amend or add to the existing R.V. Site’s water, septic or electrical connections without first obtaining written permission from the Manager after having submitted a duplicate detailed site plan of changes and having same approved. Any alterations, amendments or additions must be guaranteed by the Member to be of like material, and where permits or inspections are required, show evidence of same;

  1. (i)  permit a television antenna to be erected on or fastened on any Unit except one or two satellite dishes no greater in diameter than 30 inches for connection to the Internet and/or SAT TV as authorized by the Company and then only in accordance with the regulations thereof which may be established by the Company;
  2. (j)  obstruct a sidewalk, walkway, passage, driveway, or parking area except temporarily for ingress or egress directly to and from their R.V. Site;
  3. (k)  permit the R.V. Site to be occupied (other than by Members) by more than eight (8) persons (whether adult or minor) at any given time without the consent in writing of the Manager;
  4. (l)  effect repairs or adjustments to automobiles in the Resort, or permit any vehicles other than private passenger automobiles, vans, or pickup trucks to be brought onto the Resort without the written permission of the Manager, save in the course of delivery to or removal from the R.V. Site. The exception to this is such things as the washing, detailing, or minor adjustments to Member’s vehicles. With approval of the Manager emergency repairs will be allowed in order to remove the vehicle from the Resort.
  5. (m)  permit anything to be placed on lawns in the Common Property or place their chairs, tables, children’s play things, devices or toys or other objects on such lawns and grounds so as to damage them or prevent growth or to interfere with the cutting of such lawns or the maintenance of such grounds generally;
  6. (n)  use or permit use of any part of the Common Property, other than portions thereof designated for such use by the Company from time to time. This use includes but is not limited to park or store motor vehicles, boats, or other chattels, or use any part of the Common Property for purposes other than designated for or assigned by the Company or the Manager.
  7. (o)  allow their R.V. Site to become unsanitary, untidy or unsightly in appearance, in the opinion of the Company or its Manager;
  8. (p)  erect, place, allow, keep or display signs, billboards, advertising matter or other notices or displays of any kind on the Common Property or on or about any Unit without the prior approval of the manager. The exception to this is a sign no larger than 12” X 12” on the inside of a window in the unit. With prior permission from management the member may place notices on the bulletin boards located at the office, washroom and rec. hall;

Revised July 2017

  1. (q)  trespass on another Occupant’s R.V. Site or permit family or guests to trespass on another Occupant’s R.V. Site;
  2. (r)  do any act or thing or neglect or fail to do any act or thing which would render invalid any insurance in force and maintained by the Company or in its favor or which would increase the premium thereof;
  3. (s)  operate snowmobiles, motorcycles or off-highway or all-terrain vehicles on any R.V. Site or the Common Property;
  4. (t)  sell, supply or distribute liquor for remuneration by any means on the property. The exception to this is if a Member books the Recreation Hall and obtains a Special Liquor License under the British Columbia Liquor and Licensing Act. Members or their guests who choose to consume alcohol which has not been supplied by a valid Permit do so at their own risk. CLR does not approve of or condone the possession or consumption of alcohol that does not comply with the British Columbia Liquor Control Act.
  5. (u)  shoot at, hunt or kill wildlife or use firearms, bows, arrows, slingshots, air guns or any other weapon or similar device in or on the Resort.
  6. (v)  use Restricted Facilities except with approval of the Company;
  7. (w)  deface or otherwise damage or litter any of the buildings or other common areas on the Property.
  8. (x)  permit public use of the Resort by the general public except in emergency situations as permitted by the Manager, or under circumstances as deemed necessary or beneficial to the Occupants, or as amended and directed from time to time by the Company.
  9. (y)  operate aerial, motorized (or any kind) of drone within the CLR resort, Judah Properties or CLR’s Riparian water rights except where qualified and licensed professionals are concerned for such events as Land surveys, special events celebrations, such as weddings where a professional photographer with such operating license and authorization from the Board of Directors is retained.


Use of the Common Facilities shall be subject to the control of the Company, which shall be entitled to:

  1. (a)  establish a user fee to offset some or all of the operating costs thereof at the Company’s sole discretion.
  2. (b)  establish rules and regulations particular to the use of the Common Facilities from time to time, as the Company shall deem fit.

Maximum occupancy for any event at the recreation hall including the deck area shall be 100 persons.

Revised July 2017


Before accessory structures are constructed on any R.V. Site the member must submit plans and specifications as per “CLR Approval Process for RV changes or Site Alteration”. All improvements must comply with all Building Codes, Laws, and Construction Standards. The manager will if required make recommendations and work with the member to ensure that the proposed improvement complies with the Rules and Regulations and the Consolidated Disclosure Statement before the improvement is forwarded to the Board for final approval. Below is a list of accessory structures allowed and the additional CLR standards that are required and information that must be submitted for approval:

  1. (a)  Where privacy screens and or fences are permitted the size, design, material to be used and finishing details must be specified in the plans.
  2. (b)  Sheds shall be a maximum of 8 feet wide x 8 feet long x 8 feet high +/- 3 inches. Shed siding must be horizontal siding matching the color of the trailer on the site or white with a matching color for trim. Shingles will be one color complementing the shed color. For peak roof park models the shingles should match the shingles on the trailer in color and style.
  3. (c)  The deck size, design, material to be used and finishing details must be specified in the plans. Deck railings must be installed where required by local Building Codes and be of the same material as the deck or aluminum power coated to match the site trailer or white.
  4. (d)  Before the placement of a screened structure of any kind, whether permanent or temporary, plans must be submitted.
  5. (e)  Awnings of a permanent nature shall be of canvas, vinyl or powder coated aluminum frame-construction that matches the color of the trailer body, trim or white. It must be commercially manufactured and constructed so as to be adjacent to and/or attached to the Recreation Vehicle; no awning placed or erected on an R.V. Site may cover an area greater than the deck. The deck can be raised or ground level.
  6. (f)  No refrigerators shall be placed on an R.V. Site unless enclosed in a shed approved by the Company with the exception of the bar type refrigerator approximately 20”W x 20”D x 30”H, placed neatly on the deck;
  7. (g)  No indoor type upholstered couches are permitted outside the RV;
  8. (h)  No accessory structure including but not limited to decks, sheds, trailers, cement patios, fences, or privacy screens shall be allowed to encroach onto common property or neighboring sites. Recognizing there are a number of encroachments currently in place the following policy has been developed. Prior to the transfer of shares in relation to the sale of any lot in the Resort any and all encroachments will be documented. A letter will be sent to the new owner whereby they recognize the encroachment. A copy of the letter will accompany the share transfer agreement. There will be no action required until such time as the unit on the site is changed out. At that time the

encroachment must be rectified. The issue will be examined by the Board of Directors and a decision made as to the best course of action to deal with the encroachment issue. One caveat to this is that the encroachment may have to be rectified if it impacts the operation of the Resort.

(i) All park model trailers must be skirted within one year of their installation as per Company Policy.


No lifeguard is on duty and one will not be provided by the Company. All Members, Renters or Persons permitted by a Member are responsible for their guests and family when they use Company docks, floats, buoys, play logs and/or any item located in the aquatic lands. Members are to ensure that all family members, Renters or Persons permitted by a Member behave in a safe responsible manner.

It is highly recommended that all persons use a Canadian-approved Personal Flotation Device when around or in the water.

Each Member, Persons Permitted by Member and Renter shall:

  1. (a)  Not have open fires anywhere in the Resort except in properly constructed, non-flammable fire pits approved by the Company. Hibachis and barbeques are permitted.
  2. (b)  Take all reasonable steps to prevent fire from such campfires, hibachis or barbeques from spreading;
  3. (c)  Refrain from discarding fire-causing or fire-feeding materials such as barbeque coals, cigarette butts, used matches, newspaper, cardboard boxes, paper or plastic bags in such a manner as to increase the risk of fire on the property and/or create a litter condition;
  4. (d)  Strictly abide by any Government issued fire ban or restriction.
  5. (e)  Burn only such materials and set fires in such a manner as to minimize the amount of smoke in other camping areas.

Enforcement of Rules and Regulations is a contract obligation of Management. All infractions will be addressed as defined under the Christina Lakeside Resort Behavioral Expectations and Progressive Discipline Policy and/or as the Manager or Company may dictate from time to time and or as defined under the Member’s Agreement.

If any one of the provisions contained in these RULES AND REGULATIONS should be invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions contained herein shall not in any way be

Revised July 2017

affected or impaired thereby, unless in either case as a result of such determination, these RULES AND REGULATIONS would fail in its essential purpose.

Where members feel an infraction has occurred and has not been rectified it is their option to report it to Management or attempt to rectify it between the affected parties. Any complaints must be signed and dated and submitted in writing, or email to the Manager. Management will keep the identity of any complainant confidential. Should the Manager not be able to resolve the complaint it will be forwarded to the Board of Directors.